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gee On 5/25/2010
Spaghetti Pasta Low Carb by DreamfieldsDreamfields Spaghetti Pasta Low Carb Features:

* Great tasting pasta with authentic texture
* 5 grams of digestible carbs per serving
* 5 grams of fiber; twice the fiber of regular pasta
* Cholesterol free, no trans fats, low glycemic index
* 65% lower glycemic index than regular pasta

"When I was diagnosed with Type Diabetes last year, a low-carbohydrate diet proved to be the best approach to managing my blood glucose, along with an oral medication. Dreamfields Spaghetti Low Carb Pasta sounded like a thing of the past. Dreamfields spaghetti pasta does not have an adverse effect on my blood glucose. I'm not qualified to enter the debate about whether the product is "truly" low carb. Perhaps diabetics should find out for themselves. I do know that it has a great taste, texture and consistency, and I am now a repeat buyer of this fine product!" Reveiw by F. R. Wuensche